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InBody studies in Obesity   lesstudie.png 
Percentage of Total Body Fat as Estimated by Three Automatic Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzers   lesstudie.png 
Validation study of multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry among obese patients.  lesstudie.png
Association of Visceral Fat Area with Chronic Kidney Disease and Metabolic Syndrome Risk in the General Population: Analysis Using Multi-Frequency Bioimpedance  lesstudie.png
Articlelist Inbody  lesstudie.png
Accuracy of direct segmental multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis in the assessment of total body and segmental body composition in middle-aged adult population   lesstudie.png
Cross-calibration of eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis versus dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for the assessment of total and appendicular body composition in healthy subjects aged 21–82 years 



Validity and Reliability of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and Skinfold Thickness in Predicting Body Fat in Military Personnel   lesstudie.png
Accuracy of direct segmental multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis in the assessment of total body and segmental body composition in middle-aged adult population.  lesstudie.png
InBody 720 gir et godt mål på hofte /liv vidde eller WHR  lesstudie.png
Katalog med ulike studier
Katalog med flere ulike artikler om validitet m.m 
Validity of Two Commercial Grade Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzers for Measurement of Body Fat Percentage   lesstudie.png
InBody 720 og svært overvektige


Assessment of body composition by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, bioimpedance analysis and anthropometrics in children: the Physical Activity and Nutrition in Children study
Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Journal of Obesity
Volume 2013, Article ID 325464, 12 pages




Beneficial Effects of an 8-Week, Very Low Carbohydrate Diet Intervention on Obese Subjects



Cross-validation of bioelectrical impedance analysis for the assessment of body composition in a representative sample of 6- to 13-year-old children 





Gibson’s study included a group of people with BMI over 31   lesstudie.png 
Article about smoking and visceral fat  lesstudie.png 
Bioimpedance assessment of edema in patients with mastectomy-related lymphedema treated by mechanical lymph drainage using the RAGodoy® device 
Senter for Sykelig Overvekt (SSO)
Sykehuset i Vestfold   
InBody sammenlignes med DEXA
There were no significant differences comparing the InBody BIA devices to DEXA for appendicular, trunk, and total LBM and total FM. 
Reference List of Normal Range  lesstudie.png
Validitet og reliabilitet for bioelektrisk impedans analyse og hudfoldsmål for måling av kroppssammensetning hos militært personell.
Masteroppgave i idrettsvitenskap, seksjon for Idrettsmedisinske fag
Norges Idrettshøyskole 2010, Kristian Holtberget 


Evaluation of Multifrequency Bioelectrical
Impedance Analysis in Assessing Body
Composition of Wrestlers 
Validity Study of VFA, InBody vs CT scan = 92%  lesstudie.png
Lymphatic therapy using negative pressure lesstudie.png
Studie: Måling av Visceralt Fett med InBody 720 lesstudie.png
Estimating Survival in Patients with Cancer
Receiving Pallative Care: Is Analysis of Body 
Composition Using Bioimpedance Helpful?
Journal of Pallative Medicine
Volume 12, Nummer 11, 2009 
Validation report of the Inbody 720 by DEXA
(Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry)
Sanggye Paik Hospital
YoungDong Severance Hospita
Yongin Severance Hospital
"We conclude InBody as very accurate, reliable, reproducible 
and useful device for body composition analysis"
Inbody Research lesstudie.png
Are oral protein supplements helpful in the management of malnutrition in dialysis patients?   lesstudie.png
Low fat intake is associated with pathological manifestations and poor recovery in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma  lesstudie.png
Nutritional Status Assessment in Cirrhotic Patients after Protein Supplementation  lesstudie.png
Physical inactivity and insufficient dietary intake are associated with the frequency of sarcopenia in patients with compensated viral liver cirrhosis  lesstudie.png
The impact of nutritional supplementation on quality of life in patients infected with hepatitis C virus  lesstudie.png
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
2005 Nature Publishing Group - Original Communication
Accuracy of eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis for
theassessment of total and appendicular body composition
in peritonealdialysis patients.

"Eight-polar BIA offers accurate estimates of total and appendicular
body composition in PD patients, provided that population-specific
equations are used."
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
2004 Nature Publishing Group - Original Communication
Body water distribution in severe obesity and its 
assessment from eight-polar impedance analysis. 
Journal of Physiological Anthropology 
and Applied Human Science
Percentage of Total Body Fat and estimated by 
Three Automatic Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzers.
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 2003.
Body Composition Assessment with segmental 
Multifrequency Bioimpedance Method.

Department Physiology, University of Kuopio, Finland.
Taylor & Francis healthsciences
Annals of Human Biology, 2003
Cross calibration of eight-polar bioelectrical impedance 
analysisversus dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for the
assessment of total andappendicular body composition 
in healthy subjects aged 21-82 years.
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 
Original Communication
Accuracy of an eight-point tactile-electrode
impedance method in the assessment of total body water.
The Robert Steiner MR Unit and 2Nutrition and Dietetic Research Group, 
Imperial College of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London.
Validation of ‘InBody’ Bioelectrical Impedance by Whole Body MRI.
Evaluation of Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (SBIA) 
for measuring Muscle Distribuion. 

Bioengineering Research Institute, 
Biospace Co, Ltd, Seoul, Korea
Division of Food and Nutrition, 
Seoul Nonal University Hospital, Seoul, Korea
Department of Surgery, 
College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Department of Surgery, 
Brigham & Womens Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA
Multifrequency Bioelectrical impedance estimates 
the distribution of body water.

Laboratories for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition, 
Department ofSurgery, and Renal Division, 
Department of Medicine, Birgham andWomen's hospital and 
Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts,USA. 
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 
Original Communication, 2005 
Body water distribution in severe obesity and its 
assessment from eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis. 

Sartorio A, Malavolti M, Agosti F, Marinone PG, 
Caiti O, Battistini N, Bedogni G. 
World Journal of Gastroenterology
Clinic Research: Sequential changes of body composition in patients
with enterocutaneous fistula during the 10 days after admission.
ClinicalSchool of Medical College, Nanjing University, 
Research institute ofGeneral Surgery, Nanjung General Hospital, People's liberation Army, 
Wang XB, Ren JA, Li JS, World J Gastroenterol. 2002 Dec;8(6):1149-52.
The Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
Postoperative Changes in Body Composition After Gastrectomy.
J Gastroinest Surg. 2005 Mar;9(3):313-319 
Kiyama T, Mizutani T. Okuda T. Fujita I, Tokunaga A, Tajiri T, Barbul A. 
Biospace Co Ltd
Validation of InBody Bioelectical Impedance by Whole Body MRI 
Laboratory report, E. I. Thomas, G. Frost, T. Harrington and J. D. Bell
What is body composition analysis  lesstudie.png
Testforberedelser med InBody og betydningen av dette. lesstudie.png
Inbody S10 studier:
Malnutrition Assessment in Hemodialysis Patients: Role of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Phase Angle lesstudie.png
Exploration of Fluid Dynamics in Perioperative Patients Using Bioimpedance Analysis lesstudie.png
Comparison of hydration and nutritional status between young and elderly hemodialysis patients through bioimpedance analysis lesstudie.png
The Effect of a Virtual Reality Exercise Program on Physical Fitness, Body Composition, and Fatigue in Hemodialysis Patients lesstudie.png
Skeletal Muscle Loss Is Negatively Associated With Single-Pool Kt/V and Dialysis Duration in Hemodialysis Patients lesstudie.png
Positive association of vigorous and moderate physical activity volumes with skeletal muscle mass but not bone density or metabolism markers in hemodialysis patients lesstudie.png
Sarcopenia is an independent risk factor of dysphagia in hospitalized older people lesstudie.png
Nutritional Status and Body Composition in Korean Myopathy Patients lesstudie.png
Factors related to skeletal muscle mass in the frail elderly lesstudie.png
Relationship Between Respiratory Muscle Strength and Conventional Sarcopenic Indices in Young Adults: A Preliminary Study lesstudie.png
Malnutrition assessed by phase angle determines outcomes in low-risk cardiac surgery patients lesstudie.png
Efficacy of bioelectrical impedance analysis during the perioperative period in children lesstudie.png
Use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for the Assessment of Nutritional Status in Critically Ill Patients lesstudie.png
Synergistic Effect of Adjustments of Elastic Stockings to Maintain Reduction in Leg Volume after Mechanical Lymph Drainage lesstudie.png
Association between home blood pressure and body composition by bioimpedance monitoring in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis(InBody S10, 2015) lesstudie.png
Edema index measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis as a predictor of fluid reduction needed to remove clinical congestion in acute heart failure(2015, S10) lesstudie.png
Plasma B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Levels May Increase Because of Fat Mass Loss by Metformin or Sodium-Glucose Transporter 2 Inhibitors Treatment(InBody S10, 2016) lesstudie.png
Predictors of poor cognitive status among older Malaysian adults baseline findings from the LRGS TUA cohort study(InBodyS10, 2016) lesstudie.png
Ratio of Dietary n-3 and n-6 Fatty Acids_Independent Determinants of Muscle Mass_in Hemodialysis Patients with Diabetes(InBody S10, 2016) lesstudie.png
The Effects of Body Mass Composition and Cushion Type on Seat-Interface Pressure in Spinal Cord Injured Patients(InBody S10, 2015) lesstudie.png
Sarcopenia is an independent risk factor of dysphagia in hospitalized older people(InBodyS10, 2016) lesstudie.png
Clinical Letter 2016 Aug S10 lesstudie.png

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